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Cache Valley Independent (CVI) Schools

Schools included in Cache Valley Independent are:

  • Logan H.S.
  • Mountain Crest H.S.
  • Bear River H.S.
  • Preston H.S.
  • Ridgeline
  • And any surrounding Charter Schools


Cache Valley JV

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Brandon Wallin

Head Coach

Assistant Coaches:

Brett Petersen

Evan Bigelow

Chris Eggli

Jennie Jenson

Cache Valley Independent HS - Team Trustee

Phone: (435) 764-5411 (Cell)

Kim Winborg


Phone: 4355122092

Tamra Neilson

Team Manager

Phone: 4357604593

2016-17 Team Photo

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Utah Grizzlies Game tickets

If you would like to go to a Utah Grizzly game this season. Contact your Trustee Jennie for Ticket vouchers.

Upcoming Cache Valley Games