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Jeff Elwell

Jeff Elwell


Phone: 801-558-4194

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It's Hockey Time!

Spartan hockey is back! It's time to start in early September.  Here's what to do:

1. Register with USA Hockey. Register for the 2017-18 season ($40). Print and save your registration number.

2. Register for Utah High School Hockey. ($170) Both these registrations must be done before you can step on the ice this season.

3. Pay Murray Hockey team fees ($525). You may pay by credit card in person with Jeff Elwell, through the Paypal button below, or by check (make payable to Murray Hockey and give to Jeff Elwell). 

All players must pay fees by September 1 to be eligible for games. If you cannot pay the full amount by this date, please contact Jeff Elwell directly: 801-558-4194.

4. Complete and return registration forms. See instructions and download links in the right column.

Sell Ads to Pay Your Fees

Ask local companies and business owners you know to advertise on the Utah High School Hockey website. Why? Their business is seen by hundreds of families all across the Wasatch Front. Even better, you get 90% of the ad cost as a credit to your fees. 90 percent! 

Learn more about sponsorship ads, costs, and placements here.

Fall Registration Forms

All players need to complete the Consent to Treat form. Coaches need to complete additional registrations online. Please returned your signed forms to Jeff Elwell in person, or email to

Feed our Hungry Hockey Players

It's time for our Team Dinner Tradition! About twice a month, our Skatin' Spartans meet for practice, preceded by a tasty dinner provided by our terrific parents. We hope every family will volunteer—dinner need not be fancy (and it's super easy when you team up with one or two others!). Click here to pick your date for dinner and become a hungry hockey player's hero.

Monday Night Dinner Sign-Ups

Donate Your Used Equipment!

If you've upgraded your hockey gear or have equipment that's now too small, give it to a good cause! The Korth Rebels Foundation collects hockey gear for players of all ages and ability levels, giving many the chance to play the sport for the first time.

Visit their Facebook page for more information or call Don Korth at 801-450-3614.

Murray Spartans 2016-17