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Updated on 2/20 @ 8:00 AM

2014 Independent State Champions – Davis County Independent

Independent Playoff Brackets

2014 Skills Competition Results


9th grade

1st -Landon Anderson – Murray

2nd- Chayo Goodwin - CVI

3rd - Tyler Keston - Copper Hills

10th grade

1st - Brock Roberts - Copper Hills

2nd - Christopher Hunt - Skyline

3rd - Nathaniel Henrie - Sky View

11th grade

1st - Samantha Zvonkovic - DCI

2nd - Alec King - Davis

3rd - Robbie Brennan - Murray


9th grade

1st Joshua Kirk - Herriman - 74 mph

2nd Jamahl Eakett - UCI-N - 69 mph

3rd Nikolas Garza - Viewmont - 67 mph

10th grade

1st Brayden Mannek - Riverton - 78

2nd Benton Smith - Herriman - 76

3rd Nicholas Quesnell - Davis - 75

11th grade

1st Duncan Hickman - Judge - 79

2nd Jayden Eakett - UCI-N - 73

3rd Trevin Morgan - Murray - 71

12th grade

1st Tanner Bangerter - Viewmont - 73/72

2nd Matt Psaras - Salt Lake Stars - 73/57

3rd Philip Murphy - SLI - 69


1st Rebecca Jenson - CVI - 47

2nd Mina Maciunas - Brighton - 46

3rd Kelsie Radke - Wasatch -43


9th grade

1st Jeremiah Iba - Murray

2nd Nikolas Garza - Viewmont

3rd Byron Fobair - Murray

10th grade

1st Matt Urry - Murray

2nd Benton Smith - Herriman

3rd Adam Van Akin - UCI-N

11th grade

1st Trevin Morgan - Murray

2nd Reed Hunter  - Copper Hills

3rd Jayden Eakett - UCI-N

12th grade

1st Matt Psaras - SL Stars

2nd Tanner Bangerter - Viewmont

3rd Derek Rowe - Herriman


1st Kelsie Radke - Wasatch

2nd Maddie Brower - SLI

3rd Abby Phelon - UCI-N


9th grade

1st Jamahl Eakett - UCI-N - 15.75

2nd Byron Fobair - Murray - 15.81

3rd Nikolas Garza - Viewmont - 15.91

 10th grade

1st Adam Van Akin - UCI-N - 14.50

2nd Benton Smith - Herriman - 15.05

3rd Remington Sefcik - UCI-S - 15.15

11th grade

1st Kenyon Ross - SLI - 15.37

2nd Jayden Eakett - UCI-N - 15.5

3rd Trevin Morgan - Murray - 15.81

12th grade

1st Matt Psaras - SL Stars - 15.44

2nd Philip Murphy - SLI - 15.81

3rd Derek Rowe - Herriman - 15.85


1st Nathaniel Henrie - Sky View - 19.10

2nd Tanner Little - Viewmont - 19.96

3rd Robbie Brennan - Murray - 20.72


1st Maddie Brower - SLI - 16.62

2nd Phelicity Baumgart - Murray - 16.94

3rd Mina Maciunas - Brighton - 17.12


Utah State Player Development Camp

Cost :   $125 for boys and $100 for girls
  • Registration for Utah State Player Development Camp (for selections to go to the Rocky Mountain District Camp) will be open from February 1 - March 7, 2014 to all age eligible players (Birth years 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000). 
  • March 7 - 14 registration will be open with a $50 late fee for each player. 
  • After March 14, registration will close and state camp will not accept any players and walk-in registration will not be allowed.
Utah Union players will also register through the attached link. 
Cost for Utah Union will be $75 per player (2001, 2002, 2003 birth years).
** All players attending the camp and the Utah Union must be registered with USA Hockey **

2013-2014 Facebook Video Contest - $25 Players Bench Gift Card

Players Bench has graciously agreed to sponsor our Utah High School Hockey video contest.  Each month starting with October, a $25 Player Bench Gift Card will be awarded to the video with the most LIKES on the Utah High School Hockey Facebook page.

The first winner will be announced on Facebook on November 1st for the month of October.  

Contest Rules:

  1. The video must be original work by the Facebook poster.
  2. The Facebook poster must be a player or immediately family member of a UHSH participant.
  3. No copyrighted material may be used in the video either music, pictures or video images.
  4. The video must be shared on the UHSH Facebook page to be eligible.
  5. A video may only be entered into the contest once.
  6. All videos are subject to unlimited use restrictions by UHSH and our vendors and partners.
  7. The videos will be judged first by the number of LIKES on the UHSH Facebook page.
  8. The videos will be no longer than 90 seconds in length.
  9. The subject matter must tie directly to the UHSH program.
  10. The video must be in good taste with no bad language or images.
  11. The contest committee retains sole discretion for the operation, rule clarification and judging of this contest.
  12. Videos with very close vote totals will be decided by the committee.
  13. Video submittals must be posted on YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, Vimeo or Veoh and the embedded link provided to the Social Media Committee Chair Angie Laub at mttlaub@netscape.net .  
  14. Submittal to Social Media Committee Chair Angie Laub at mttlaub@netscape.net must include (a) full name, (b) team name, (c) high school attended, (d) telephone and email address, (e) home address. 

Participants are strongly encouraged to enter the contest often and early each month to allow a maximum amount of time of Facebook views and LIKES.

Beverly Grace Karinen

Bev Karenin, wife of longtime Utah Hockey and Rocky Mountain District Hockey supporter, founder of Utah High School Hockey and USA Hockey Rocky Mountain District Registrar Bruce Karenin passed away on November 21.  

Our condolences to Bruce and his family at this time of loss.

Click on the photograph to proceed to Salt Lake Tribune obituary.

2013-Rule Change Emphasis - Video Clips

USA Hockey has adopted a Body Checking Standard of Play and Rule Emphasis for immediate implementation at all levels of play. This goal is to enhance player skill development by reducing intimidating infractions designed to punish the opponent. Proper enforcement of this standard will improve the skill of legal body contact. Additionally, intimidation tactics have no place in ice hockey. These tactics include any contact to the head of the opponent, checking from behind and late, avoidable body checks to an opponent who is no longer in possession and control of the puck. Officials are instructed to enforce these rules to a high standard and assess the appropriate penalty when these actions occur. Coaches are reminded that the purpose of the check shall be to separate the opponent from the puck and officials should strictly penalize any illegal actions with emphasis on boarding, charging and late avoidable body checks to players no longer in possession and control of the puck.